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Our History

ZONA Behavioral Consulting was founded by Emily Rodriguez who started working with children initially as a Support Coordinator/Developmental Specialist for children 0-3 years old who were at risk for developmental delays.  

During this time she became a First-Grade teacher, then started a career helping foster children find forever homes. This introduction into children’s lives directed her towards a path of working with children less fortune often lost in the system because of developmental delays. They faced the highest discrimination in a broken system requiring a bit more nurturing.

Emily found her drive assisting both, the children and the family, to help understand, manage and improve their way of life. 

Finally, after fifteen years of experience working with and for children, she founded ZONA Behavioral Consulting in the year 2020.  

Utilizing a nurturing, dignified, whole person approach to help those we serve reach their maximum potential and significantly improve their quality of life.  We aim to ensure needs are met through coordinating care with a child’s support network to help empower, meet goals and exceed expectations.  

Our Mission:

Diversity Statment:

ZONA Behavioral Consulting, affirms that everyone should have accessibility to a nurturing environment.  Our mission is to treat everyone we encounter with dignity and embrace our unique individual differences.  We encourage diversity, equity, respect and inclusion to help each other feel valued.  This sense of belonging empowers us to passionately serve the children of our community who also come from diverse backgrounds. We accept anyone determined to help everyone.