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A Few of Our Testimonials

Actual Parent Testimonial:

"My experiences with Emily as our BCBA are nothing but positive. She had nothing but good intentions for our son, who was between the ages of 3 and 4 when she worked with him. 

His progression with ABA were truly amazing. He made huge leaps and bounds in all of his goals and went from non-verbal to verbal within a few short years.

Emily’s communication was consistent and she modified goals and kept his progress in mind at all times. She found ways to focus on family inclusion, in particular giving my daughter a sense of feeling needed during his therapy. These family programs helped in socialization as well and actually brought my son and daughter closer together not only as siblings, but as friends. She truly cared about my son and only wanted the best for him, especially for him to succeed in all that he did. 

While working with her we were extremely happy with the services we received. I would highly recommend Emily, as she is someone who is very knowledgeable with ABA therapy and its application. She is friendly, consistent, and above all an excellent resource on ABA. During the time she worked with our son I could truly really see her love and passion for being a BCBA."

Actual Parent Testimonial:

"When we first met Emily, we were at a loss with meltdowns and behaviors that were out of a parents control.

 Emily came in on day one and felt like part of our family. She has a wealth of knowledge, expertise and a gentle approach that began to help my son with was diagnosed with autism at 3 years old. 

After working with my son for over a year, he became a different kid. He lost all of his out of control behaviors and now is a model student. He was picked as a VIP student in the third grade the first week of school! All of his past out of control behaviors are part of his past, he is academically aligned with his peers, has friendships and is involved in sports. His life changed because of the village that was brought together for him. 

Emily played a special role in our village and she has incredible knowledge of how to work with children who have an autism diagnosis. She is gentle, kind and strategic in her approach with children to maximize their potential."